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Charge & Drive answers the increasing popularity of electric vehicles by providing simple, fast and secure charging solutions. We already have over 880 Charge & Drive chargers around the Nordics and our global presence is growing every day.

Join us at the eCartec trade fair in Munich 2016. We will be showing our charging system at Hall A5 311 and we would be pleased to meet you there.

Why choose us

The Charge & Drive full service electric vehicle charging system adapts to your needs. Whether you search for a complete turn-key solution or want to select a cloud based solution that integrates to your own system, it’s easy and simple to start off. You can count on us with our 20 years of experience.

Charge & Drive customer app

The Charge & Drive app helps drivers to find the nearest available charging stations and to pay by mobile.

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  • Subscription based mobile payment
  • Integrates all leading smart chargers
  • 24/7 customer service
  • Cross-European roaming

Ásdis Gíslason, Marketing Manager, ON Power

Fortum Charge & Drive has a high professional standard, and it is highly recognized in the business, so the choice was easy

Henrik Bristav, Sustainability Strategist at Umeå Energi AB, Sweden

We chose to work with Charge & Drive as we believe it is the most mature solution on the market.

duardo Jacobsen Franchisee, McDonald’s Norway

Charge & Drive and McDonald’s have worked together in Norway for the past 4 years, the co-operation has been very positive, always with a good dialogue so that we are co-creating solutions that meet our needs.

Christoffer Svanberg, Chief Commercial Officer at Skellefteå Kraft

The Charge & Drive solutions are well designed and nicely packaged, which means that they are simple to understand and easy to purchase.

Tiina Vehmala-Viksten, Development Manager at ABC, Finland

We have been really satisfied by the fast response and professional attitude of Fortum Charge & Drive

charging station locations

Cloud service

Charge & Drive is a cloud based smart charger system that integrates easily to your existing IT-environment and guarantees continuous development offering new functionalities every two weeks.

Customer experience

  • 24/7 customer service
    24/7 multilingual customer service with experience and high technical knowledge of chargers.
  • Easy-to-use web app
    Web app with map, live charger status, navigation and payment functionality
  • International Roaming
    International Roaming possibility
  • MyPage control options
    User pages (MyPage) with self service options and usage reports


  • Easy to start
    Easy and fast to set up and start
  • Remote control
    Remote monitoring and control of chargers
  • Leading charging stations
    Leading charging stations already integrated
  • Hubject Roaming platform
    Existing integration to Hubject Roaming platform and others

Business management

  • Well tested
    System is well tested and scaled
    - Full scale charging business system, with required functions, roles & responsibilities
  • Homegrown business
    System primarily built for our own Charging business, grown to full scale since 2011.
  • Wide range of knowhow
    Access to our knowhow from the industry and network of partners for your advantage
  • Easy to use
    Easy to use
  • Continuous development
    Information as basis for better decisions (dashboard, dynamic reports)
  • Pay as you grow
    Asset light, pay-as-you-grow solution
  • International visibility
    Increased usage of poles through visibility in international charging service networks
  • Flexible payment solutions
    Flexible and scaleproof payment solutions
  • Easy transactions worldwide
    Handle Internal transaction clearing between organisations, countries and regions.

Turn-key solution

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In Norway, Sweden and Finland you can get Charge & Drive also as a turn-key solution. In addition to providing a top-notch software, we offer the chargers and take care of everything from planning to installations and updating.
Our system can be used in all device regardless of manufacturer.

  • DC Fast charging
  • AC destination charging (semifast)
  • Home & Office charging

The Market

The EV market is in continuous development. Car manufacturers are investing more and more on their R&D to be able to meet the European regulations for CO2 emissions. Charge & Drive plays an important role in this progress with secure and CO2-free charging solutions.


European regulation is set to reach

95 CO2 / km


Electric cars sold globally

10 million

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About Fortum

Fortum’s solar economy vision is in the heart of Charge & Drive. Because the future energy system will be based on CO2-free electricity production, Fortum are continuously moving towards production forms based on solar energy.

Fortum is one of the leading energy providers in the Nordic region, the Baltic States and Russia. With the lowest carbon exposure in Europe, 63% of Fortum’s total power generation is currently CO2-free.

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